What Is the Best VPN for Android and iOS 2021

What Is the Best VPN for Android and iOS?

Choose The Best VPN For Android And iOS est VPN for Android and iOS: Choosing the Right One

What is a VPN?

Whether it’s OpenVPN, PPTP, or a custom-made solution for your smartphone, a VPN is a tool that gives you complete anonymity while surfing the internet. In addition to hiding your IP address, a VPN encrypts your internet connection, hiding your browsing habits from the ISP, and, therefore, protecting your privacy.

While most mobile devices allow you to take advantage of a VPN to their fullest, iOS does not allow the use of apps that tap into the deep net or on public WiFi networks. In order to use a VPN app on iOS, you need to install the VPN software separately and connect to a proxy server.

Keep in mind that iOS is a closed system with tight security measures.

Why do I need a VPN?

A VPN adds another layer of protection between your devices and the internet.

This means that instead of relying on the security of your ISP, you can secure your data by using one of the best VPNs for Android and iOS. This also means that it’s a lot harder to crack that IP address than using the cloud storage on the hard drive of your device.

A VPN can be helpful to hide your online presence from spammers or even enforce a certain level of privacy.

Does a VPN work?

Of course, a VPN works. The question is, are you doing all the things you can to protect yourself online?

A VPN works as long as the server you are connected to is up. If it is down, no protection will be available.

What are the different types of VPNs?

How to choose the best VPN for your needs.

We’ve picked the top Android VPNs and iOS VPNs as both have similar numbers of users as compared to the Apple App Store and the Play Store, so the usage numbers will be close.

The 4 Best Android VPNs For Your Google Play Store Needs

We’ve also looked into Android apps as well and have found the best VPN for Android under the Play Store.

Android VPNs For Privacy and Security

Many Android users are concerned about privacy and security, especially now with the mass government surveillance of personal data being widely discussed and protested by those of us in the privacy community.

Picking a good VPN will help you keep your data private and your privacy inviolable. Keep in mind that all Android VPNs aren’t created equal.


It is a fact that one needs to be vigilant in the face of cyber threats and predators. The mobile landscape has already become a business opportunity for hackers to steal an individual’s identity or cause some damages. For instance, identity theft is being carried out by many people in order to acquire a card or an identity by obtaining the PIN or by entering their information. Some of the mobile threats include viruses, malware, Trojan Horses, etc. and you need to find the best security software for smartphones to protect yourself from all these infections. One of the basic protection measures is to encrypt your data. However, there are several encryptions schemes such as the IPSEC (Internet Security Protocol), the TOR, and the WPA2 encryption.


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